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    Posted on March 19th, 2012 mike1174 No comments

    You might have not heard of MyFliks (myfliks. net) and being quite honest I never had until a little while ago. Back around the initially the month, I received an email from a friend of mine in regards to new business he had started as an additional income stream to his current business lineup. That link took me to the myfliks. net website and I quickly found that MyFliks is a video rental company that operates very similar to Netflix DVD rental service, but operates on a network marketing platform.

    To be honest, I didn’t think a lot more about the company until Netflix announced that very same week their change in pricing structure. As I perused Facebook, I found many unimpressed Netflix subscribers complaining in regards to the changes, which as of a week ago had cost the company over 1 million members. Needless to say an opportunity light bulb went off inside my head and I knew that i would use the service and now I was finding many others who would to.

    The MyFliks retail business operates in an exceedingly familiar manner. The monthly subscription is $9. 99 and this entitles an individual to receive an unlimited number of movies in quantities of 2 movies at any given time. The service currently features over 40, 000 title selections for rental from each of the major studios. Customers are invited to first have a one month free tryout to preview the service, which allows for a terrific introduction to any potential customers looking at the services. Once a customer enrolls these are asked to begin filling up their queue with videos, keeping at least one selection in queue constantly. Movies requests are typically fulfilled and shipped through the home office in State of Arizona within 72 hours. Movies are sent inside resealable envelopes with return postage already affixed. Once the user is done with the movie, they simply reseal it and install it in their outgoing postal mail.

    As I mentioned before, MyFliks (myfliks. net) has built their business on a network marketing platform. The business was started by Russ Cannizzaro, who has been involved in the educational field for nearly all of his career, but saw the opportunity to develop a network marketing using a business model that huge numbers of people are already actively making use of. The MyFliks business is built on a unilevel compensation plan which allows the distributor to build to an unlimited width and 7 quantities deep. New distributors pay an one time enrollment fee of $20. 00, plus a $2. 75 monthly account fee for reporting plus a $9. 95 annual hosting payment. Each monthly subscriber in the distributor’s organization generates. 30 per month in commission returning to the distributor.

    As you can readily see from the compensation plan, duplication will be critical within this business, as it is in any home business if it is to be lucrative in the long run. That being said, the importance of learning the way to use attraction marketing and the leverage of the internet is critical to the success of anyone commencing their MyFliks (myfliks. net) business as an income opportunity. Due to the simple nature of the business and the extremely good deal point, the opportunity to refer prospects to the business as distributors and preferred customers should be fairly simple.

    The company has been very proactive in promoting themselves and sharing inside the bounty of those promotions. Recent promotions included Groupon offers within the Phoenix area with qualified prospects being distributed to participating distributors. Additionally, the company held a contest in the last week giving away an enchanting retreat for two to a resort in Sedona, AZ.

    Over time, MyFliks (myfliks. net) could become lucrative to a distributor who actively promotes this company. This business also makes sense as an additional income stream using a great service. This is how I’ve chosen to promote the MyFliks opportunity inside the context of my individual overall business.

    Upon reading this <a href=””> review</a>, you may quickly see the potential for this business in light of the customer backlash towards Netflix.  For those who are not looking for another home business opportunity <a href=””></a> still makes good sense for those who enjoy watching a good movie at home.

  • Usana – Scam or Legit – Review – Is Usana Well being Sciences A Scam?

    Posted on February 15th, 2012 mike1174 No comments

    Dr. Myron Wentz founded the Usana Well being Sciences, Inc. He obtained Ph.D. from Utah University inside the field of microbiology with specialization in immunology. Moreover, from 1969-1973, he served for 3 hospitals as a microbiology director in Peoria city, Illinois.

    Usana is amongst the biggest MLM corporations in the globe having its headquarters situated within the Salt Lake City, Utah. It really is an MLM (Multi Level Marketing and advertising) firm manufacturing numerous goods for well being and fitness, weight manage, individual hygiene, hair care, and nutrition. Apart from this, It formulates oral hygiene and skin care items. It has distributors in far more than 13 countries.

    Usana review has built an amphitheater in the Salt Lake City, which hosts quite a few concerts featuring common bands and artists. Funds collected from these events goes in a charitable trust.

    Usana reviews employs almost one thousand people today worldwide having more than 170,000 preferred prospects and associates in its global distribution network. The sales for the year 2007 were about $427 million of which about 87 percent was rendered by the associates and 13 percent by the preferred clients.

    The items of thie mlm corporation are of top quality, secure, and dependable satisfying the wants of prospects. The fact is, it has supplied and sponsored merchandise for various sport clubs.

    As it operates on MLM approach, it renders small business opportunities for people today by promoting and selling a variety of items. Men and women all round the globe have very good picture concerning the corporation. Items of this firm are useful and efficient for people suffering from skin inflammatory disorders, headaches, and arthritis.

    Individuals commonly opt for small business opportunity provided by Usana, as it gives additional income to people who work from residence. Many individuals also lay complete concentration on small business opportunity of Usana.

    Usana scam Corporation felicitates finest performers in the presence of different members due to the fact it creates an inspiration for others to develop into the best performer. Usana has binary reimbursement plan.

    Products of Usana encompass 4 brands namely Macro-Optimizer foods (nutritional bars and drink mixes), Rev3 Energy drinks, Sensé Basics and Enhancers (hair, skin, and face care items), and Nutritionals (Essentials and Optimizers nutritional supplements).

    From 2004-2006, this business was stated on the Forbes “200 Very best Little Companies” list. The fact is, in 2007, Forbes released an article quoting that government and industry professionals have raised quite a few doubts concerning the company’s products and trading practices.

  • Ardyss International 3rd Party Online Network Marketing Review

    Posted on January 24th, 2012 mike1174 No comments

    You are most likely like most people which are struggling to obtain by financially, So you stumbleupon this Ardyss International Review after performing a Google analysis on various MLM Businesses. Consequently, You came towards the best Ardyss International Review on the web.

    Because you want to figure out where to look on-line, So I’m going to give you this review on a legitimate company opportunity for all those individuals which are open to work from house because they’re sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck in today’s hard economic occasions.  

    Ardyss International Business Overview

    The business got it’s start back in 1989. It’s founded by Mr Antonio Diaz and his wife Mrs. Armida Fonsec. Consequently, Ardyss International utilizes the network marketing business model to promote their products or the business opportunity. Ardyss International headquarters was originally based outside the United States in Mexico.

    Now they’re residing in Las Vegas as of 2007. They generally do their companies mainly offline in advertising their distinctive item line inside a competitive niche within the health and wellness business. You’ve the chance to get involved with the company to begin making additional income streams in today’s hard economic occasions.

    Ardyss International Products

    The flagship item that Ardyss International promotes as of today will be the BodyMagic 2 Step Method. It offers you a well being drink and a body reshaping garments so you can start losing weight quick. The various drinks the company provides to their clients that also includes energizers, regenerators, antioxidants, multivitamins, fiber, kids vitamins, digestive goods along with a fat management reducer item as well.

    Ardyss International on their body reshaping garments that is provided by the business that also comes with various types of corsets for females also as for males that may certainly assist to loss much more ideal weight to have a significantly better appearance that can make you have much more energy and really feel better.

    Ardyss International Compensation Strategy

    Other than supplying weight loss management products, Ardyss International that provides a great company opportunity to begin make extra revenue from house. You are able to get started for a low investment for only $40 to all the way to $250 in addition to taxes and shipping also. As for the compensation strategy as rep with Ardyss International that there are few methods to get paid.

    You will find three various numerous categories on the comp strategy. They’re the upfront revenue commissions, back end from monthly residual revenue and also the Energy Bonuses that you could get compensated as a marketer. According to your efforts you can also earn a car bonus as a top revenue earner with Ardyss international as well in the compensation strategy.

    How you can Truly To start Achieving Good results with Ardyss International

    Ardyss International is really a legitimate business chance with great leadership management team, goods and a generous compensation strategy. They also have a great offline marketing coaching using the business.

    That’s great so far, however the goods, training and the company opportunity is not that easy to start selling the opportunity. What’s important is studying to create and begin sponsoring reps into your company chance that your upline in Ardyss International isn’t telling you.

    In the event you truly wish to be part from the 3% to accomplish success within the network advertising business is learning and implementing online advertising strategies. So what I use is really a Attraction Marketing Method in place so you are able to start generating qualified MLM leads, build relationships together with your prospects even they say no for your company opportunity that may get you to put much more cash inside your pocket on autopilot!