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  • By Hook Or By Crook, Viral Monopoly Is On Its Way

    Posted on February 21st, 2012 mike1174 No comments

    By Bosco McGowan: The Residual Income Guy

    Viral Monopoly (or should it be called, Viral Monopoly Scam, will be available for general release on September 5th. Or, as the owner of the product Justin Michie states, it unleashes mayhem on the Internet marketing community on that date. You’re going to be listening to a lion’s share with reference to this product launch because a list of milllionaire online marketers about as lengthy as your right arm will be emailing out to their list members.

    Extremely rich marketers own truly huge lists. Indeed, that is how a whole lot of them got to be so successful. Needless to say, there is going to be A LOT of conversation, as everyone dutifully tells their subsriberes what Mr. Michie tells them to say to their list members.

    You will be overhearing about how incredibly easy this fantastic productl makes anyone to go viral, at the touch of a button, furthermore you do not even need a website, blah blah blah, yada yada yaday.

    I would love to have a dollar for every product whose owner claimed would be able to make newcomers money on automaic pilot. Unless Michie has  revolutionized the game,– and who knows?  Maybe he really did —  there may be a lot of really perplexed newcomers out there when they realize that this system is really going to require skill and information and work. Can you imagine that?

    You can’t just buy a software system and a set of instrrcutions and expect to make truckloads of money and make your PC into your own ATM.

    Michie claims that this is the software program and the technique he has been making use of the last three years to earn riches hand over fist. We realize he has produced a large amount of money. He is on just about every Joint Venture leaderboard.

    I actually don’t doubt that gurus can use The Viral Monopoly and generate a huge amount more money. I haven’t even gotten an opportunity to see  it yet, (although I will, a bit before the general release), but I thoroughly assume that is the case.

    What I can say  is if somebody totally new to, say, affiliate marketing, is gonhg to be able to make use of it to earn their very first sales with it. To me, that is the way I am going to judge it. Who gives a fat rats ass if it can make wealthy people even more wealthy? Can it help a fellow human who is struggling to finally give up the struggle?

    Some days before it unleashes mayhem, I’ll be getting a chance to take this baby out for a test drive. If I do not like it, I am not troubled to say so. Click this next link to get on my email notification list so I can send you my Viral Monopoly Review, letting you know if it’s a sham, a scam or great big slam.