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  • Jusuru Review – A Critical Review From Someone Who Didn’t Join

    Posted on May 4th, 2012 mike1174 No comments

    When you’ve got found this Jusuru review you happen to be in all probability planning to get started with Jusuru and making it your home business. You could possibly also be conserved there’s a Jusuru scam that you simply are unaware of.

    This review is made for you to obtain the info that you simply want in order that you’ll be able to make the right decision about this company. Before studying this Jusuru review please know that this can be a third celebration evaluation and I am in no way linked with Jusuru or their products.

    Jusuru is a network marketing company that was founded in 2009 in Orange County, California and is now a solid and expanding company considering the fact that its start. Asma Ishaq is definitely the founding  member who’s also the Executive Vice President of BioCell Technologies. He has vast school experience and has even determined to donate a percentage to just about every sale of Jusuru to charity.

    Since Ishaq has founded Jusuru it has had improved in reputation for its well being positive aspects and all of its funds producing possibilities. Jusuru has lots of happy consumers who were effectively pleased using the Jusuru and saw fantastic results in the drink and these clients wouldn’t hesitate to have other folks to get this item.

    Jusuru gives one particular major product and which is the Jusuru juice. This juice boasts of a lot of valuable wholesome components. The juice can help joints as well as assistance assemble collagen that tends to make more healthy and younger searching skin. BioCell Collagen II is identified within this juice and it is a patented item that may enable the skin appear younger along with the joints not hurt and be additional mobile.

    This juice has received wonderful reviews on numerous distinctive sites and many people today have gone for the Jusuru web site as well as the seminars to sign up for this helpful merchandise.

    The Jusuru company offers an exceptionally competitive compensation plans. You sign up for Jusuru and you may have to pay a modest get started up fee in order that you will get began. You may then grow to be a Jusuru distributor.  The compensation strategy is actually a several degree strategy exactly where you’ve got many techniques to obtain paid. You can get paid via direct sales, fast get started bonuses, favored prospects, group commissions, and also in some situations you may get a car or truck bonus. All round, the compensation plan appears fair and the appropriate particular person can build a lucrative business right here.

    Not surprisingly with the many business Jusuru is gaining appropriate now the company may well be a terrific option to suit your needs to join and make money. You’ll have to take some time, set your account up with the company, pay a start up charge after which start off marketing the item. Unfortunately when this looks like an awesome business chance lots of people fail to know why they will probably make quite little dollars in their business. It’s not since the company is not performing effectively and it isn’t even due to the individual.

    The key cause that numerous at your home companies fail is because the individual will not know how to produce sufficient leads to offer merchandise and sponsor new people today. Not generating adequate leads can lead to you to not generating any income at all and failing with your business.

    I remarkably propose you use a confirmed attraction marketing system to make leads on demand and sponsor 4-7 people a week into your business. By leveraging a strong attraction marketing system you’ll place your business on the rapidly track to profits. You might even make money on the individuals who say “NO” for your chance.

    This Jusuru review was designed for all those trying to get involved with the company and looking for a results plan. You could use an attraction marketing system to create this doable and it is extremely proposed.

  • How Does Vemmabuilder Work?

    Posted on June 8th, 2011 mike1174 No comments

    Before we get into my analysis of Vemmabuilder, I just would like to reveal that I am not involved in the Vemma home based business, so this is just a third party opinion of Vemma Builder. 
    I have had acquaintances tell me about Vemmabuilder, so I am aware the system. I have also completed my research on Vemma, because I like to study companies and wish to add that Vemma is a magnificent company, especially, the fact that they donate some of their proceeds to charity. Vemmabuilder is a system that you can pay extra for and use to help market your Vemma business.

    This system tracks visitors to your site and blasts out automatic emails to individuals who have filled out the form on your VemmaBuilder site.  This will not create automatic signups, you still must call the leads, but at least, the lead will be familiar of Vemma before you call.

    Here are my thoughts:

    What I like about the system:

    1). Prospects are not offered an incentive to fill out the form
    2). You determine how many prospects you want per day
    3). You can go for either US or Canadian Leads
    4). After the prospect fills out the form, they are given a tour of YOUR Vemma website
    5). The new prospect will automatically start receiving email messages from your Vemmabuilder autoresponder

    What I don’t like about the system:

    1). The prospects are mostly generic home business seeker leads
    2). Most leads you acquire, you probably have to sell them on MLM and answer the question of why they have to invest money
    3). The leads are costly
    4). You have to call them

    Vemma suggests you to purchase the Vemmabuilder tool, which I’ll be honest, I am not a fan of purchasing leads. They are costly and who wants to cold call prospcts only to get hung up on or even yelled at? At the time of composing this article, you could purchase leads from Vemmabuilder for anywhere between $2.00-$2.50 per lead. The cost depends on the quantity that you pay for.

    When I began my MLM opportunity, I was told to purchase leads and phone them. At the time, I had a fulltime job, so on my days off, I would spend time calling these prospects. 90% of the folks did not even answer. I would leave voice mails only to never receive a return phone call. If I did get somebody on the phone, they were not even interested in a home based business. Talk about being depressed and a waste of time and money! But, for those that enjoy the phone and talking to folks, then Vemmabuilder would certainly be an asset for your opportunity.

    After realizing that phoning leads was not for me, I was determined to teach myself about generating leads other ways. I quickly found that the successful individuals in this industry generate their own leads, most of them through free ways of advertising.

    In other words, to top earners in this industry generate their own leads 100% free, on the internet, without having to pick up the phone. They have folks calling them for more information. Would that make your life easier if you had folks calling you inquiring about your Vemma business? And if all of this happened for free?

    If thinking that using the Vemmabuilder system is not for you, but you are looking for ways to generate free leads online, then click here: Vemmabuilder, is not my cup of tea.