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  • Greater Benefits With Increased Relevance in Pay Per Click Campaigns

    Posted on May 26th, 2011 mike1174 No comments
    Perhaps millions of people have tried and failed at creating wealth with pay per click (PPC). If you would like to try it, then you are certainly able to learn and be profitable using it. Google is always trying to enhance their services and customer experience, and that is why they have become more strict in the last two or so years. Their new Terms of Service have hit hard with a lot of marketers, but it helps to understand exactly why those modifications were produced. What all that comes down to is it’s important to employ the right practices if you want to make money with Adwords. We would like to explore an aspect of PPC campaigns which will basically make or break your efforts.
    When you are putting together your Adwords campaigns, then you plainly must receive a top quality score from Google. The best feasible score is a ten, not surprisingly.
    Your quality score will have a direct effect on the costs per click, ad placement and quite simply everything. The standard we would like to explain is relevance, and that is extremely important for you to know and have right. Every facet of your PPC promotion needs to be relevant to all your other parts. That concerns not simply for quality score points, but it is critical for all round conversion rates. Putting relevance in your campaigns really should be executed on several levels all of which are not so evident.
    The typical route after your ad is clicked-on is to visit either your primary website or maybe the new kind of landing page demanded by Google. Briefly, you can not use the usual sort of squeeze page at Adwords because it is considered too thin or not enough content. The alternative landing page will have links to articles and other content, and you just have to do a little more, at present. Your landing page will need to have clear relevance to the ad the prospect clicked on. We agree if you are believing this is totally obvious, but it surely isn’t completely obvious to some people.
    So what we are considering is constructing the first squeeze page site so it is basically in agreement with, or relevant, to your final main site. Your main web site plus the landing page you use must be congruent meaning they are relevant to each other in all ways. You will accomplish the most effective results if you make your improved squeeze page exactly the same in look and feel as your main site. The copy on all your web pages, landing and principal site, have to always be on the same theme which you would think is obvious. What may happen relates to human nature, but it can be very effective if done the right way. When you possess this relevancy, then that makes the visitor a lot more comfortable and assured about you. You can sometimes convert a campaign from a poor one to something really successful using this strategy.
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  • Discover the Secret Formula to creating wealth

    Posted on June 19th, 2010 Admin No comments

    For ages, people have wondered if there’s truly a “secret” formula that can uncover untold riches for those who posses it.

    What do YOU think?  Is there such a formula?

    The truth will be unveiled soon.

    To Your Success,

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