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  • MLM Tips To Keep Hold Of More Prospects

    Posted on January 19th, 2012 mike1174 No comments

    If your mlm business has a great product and a great compensation plan it seems astonishing to note that so many persons who come into this industry fail to generate much money and create for themselves a stable financial future. The potential that this business style offers certainly is astonishing when you think about the capacity of developing a downline and having hundreds of people under you all eager to grow their business, in theory you should almost be able to take a back seat and watch the profits roll in.

    Over the last few weeks I’ve had conversations with several network marketers, some have made money and others have not made a dime, I have concluded that the reasons for the most part why people are not succeeding in network marketing is due to inadequate training and support. Sad but true that most network marketing companies and sponsors simply have not shown their new recruits how to get money into their business quick enough. Retention rates in this business are somewhere around a pathetic 15% People just entering the industry often say they don’t get the assistance they need from their sponsors and it goes without saying that the traditional methods of recruitment do not work as well as they used to.

    It is so important to learn and implement attraction marketing in this business, I learned from the great master himself Mike Dillard and since implementing his way of thinking things have never been the same again… in any aspect of my life! I highly endorse all his products to you and your team. When you start to market and brand yourself, if you are doing it in the correct way you will appeal to the right people to you and begin to create trust and understanding with them and done correctly they will be asking you to show them your business rather than you pushing it onto them. The internet is one place where you can utilise attraction marketing very effectively! One word of warning though, don’t become an annoying spammer by sending links everywhere claiming ‘Best Opportunity ever, make $5,000 tonight, Best Payout ever’ etc…you know the sort of thing, those emails fill up my inbox everyday. People will do business with people that they know and trust, it stands to reason you will stick out from the crowd by branding yourself and what you can give to your prospects in the way of support and very valuable training.

    Always give true value! To gain the trust and respect of potential business partners you must offer them outstanding value, go above and beyond what everyone else is doing and you will stand out from the marketing noise and position yourself in a place of authority in the market.

    You should have systems in position that will get the job of networking with prospects on auto-pilot, I mean things like auto responders and videos, emails you compose once and then can be read by thousands over and over again, videos you make once and can be watched by by new people time and time again. Again all this you must teach to your team. Attraction marketing is the way to go, not spam marketing. By passing on these these strategies to your team you will experience a far improved retention rate. I’d love to teach you more but I can’t do it all in one article!.

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  • What You Need To Know About Your Domain

    Posted on August 29th, 2011 mike1174 No comments

    You should not dabble in something you know little about; I had a friend back in college who told me that ‘a little knowledge is dangerous.’ When it comes to domain name registration, you can’t do much on your own, so you need to see to it that you have all the information you need about it first. Then, you need to let the domain registration service do their thing in their own way. Just make certain that they are an outfit you can totally trust.

    Everyone cannot just be loading things on and off the internet at will. There is a registration service that can link you to the powers that be. You need them to get your own website registered. Short of that, no dice. Getting your domain registered is usually always the first step to take when thinking of getting a website. Yes, you can get a free website without a domain name, but that’s too unprofessional. The remarkable thing is that you can effortlessly utilise the online world in order to get out all the information that you need concerning fat burning exercise, fat loss 4 idiots, Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle or maybe even learn about how to lose fat quickly.

    The internet is run by a conglomeration of corporations that are Mammoth at this time. When you need to upload a website, it has to be registered under a domain. To do this, you need a registration service to help out. There are many out there now that are very cheap. You don’t have to spend too much money to register a domain name anymore. As little as $9 can get you a good domain registered.

    A lot of brainstorming is important when thinking of registering your domain name. You have to think of a lot of ideas that can help you select the right domain name. Thankfully there are now lots of good domain name tools that can help you come up with the right domain name, but it does take some time and effort and brainstorming, but it’s worth it. So, I’d say you shouldn’t register just about any domain name but the best one for your business or company.

    You need to be careful deciding on the domain registration service that does yours for you. There are all kinds of companies that are frauds out there, including domain registration services. I know you don’t want to be caught with your pants down, having paid to get registered, and then not getting it. Be careful and do your homework first, will you? This will prevent you from getting into serious troubles with domain registration.

  • Learn To Find Good Vemma Leads

    Posted on June 2nd, 2011 mike1174 No comments

    Seriously? Can I really generate Vemma leads and earn a commission when they don’t enroll in my Vemma business? I am here to let you know you that, Yes, this happens all of the time with the leading industry earners and this is the secret to survive when starting out in multi level marketing. It is called attraction marketing. You attract folks by presenting to them what they want and need. When folks begin in mlm, folks barely have enough capital to begin their business and they certainly don’t have any cash to use for promoting. 95% of marketers out there want education on how to sponsor like crazy on autopilot without it costing much money and unfortunately, their upline or company do not teach this type of education. 

    When folks start off their Vemma business, they are very excited and begin to wish of firing their boss, but the obstacle comes when folks actually face their computer to work and they don’t know where to start. Individuals get disheartened because individuals test some things that their upline told them to do. The majority of times, it doesn’t work and people get disheartened and finally, folks give up and resign. This is where you come in and lend a hand. Several of us get involved in this industry for the money, but I assume that we all would like to help individuals succeed. I mean, what kind of personal satisfaction would you have knowing that you were responsible for a teammate realizing their income goal? You can be this individual. You are going to be the person giving this training. I know what you are saying. What am I going to train them on when I do not even know how to do this. Don’t worry about this now, this is actually the easy part.

    So, it is simple, you are going to magnetize other mlmers by offering free training weekly. Yes, I said free training. Why free? Well, this builds your trust with network marketers and it shows that you are truly here to help them succeed and not just after their money. So, you build your lead list which is comprised of other marketers, who are already like mlm anyway! Aren’t these the best kind of Vemma leads to have?

    OK, so now that you are producing Vemma leads using free marketing. After awhile, you will show your business to them, again specifics will be talked about at a later date. Some people will join your Vemma business, but let’s be honest, most inviduals won’t.

    So, how do you get paid by generating leads? Well, it is called the funded proposal. You see, when individuals listen to your free trainings, there might be affiliate products involved. When individuals purchase the affiliate products, you will be given a commission. This is the secret to surviving in mlm and not losing money prematurely. This money can either support your monthly autoship or fund you marketing, or if you make a good amount, it would finance a car payment. 

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