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  • Chat Host Operator Job – The Things To Take Into Consideration When You Find Yourself Contemplating Applying To Become One

    Posted on May 29th, 2011 mike1174 No comments

    Jobs aren’t easy to find at the best of occasions, but for single mums, stay at home mums and university students that are looking for extra cash obtaining a chat host job simply couldn’t be simpler.

    One of the main advantages of chat operator jobs is the fact that you can do them from the comfort of your own home.  Just sitting in your pyjamas, at the same time you’re drinking coffee and doing your nails as well as talking is a desire for a lot of 9-5 workers.  Perhaps one day you really feel like remaining in bed for a couple of hours, while watching breakfast TV – well providing you possess a phone by the side of your bed, you are able to still take it easy doing that and still take a few calls.  You can’t do that if you’ve got to do a ordinary 9-5 office job, can you?

    The skills needed to become a chat host ( merely another name for chat operator) is web access (as sometimes the company will keep in contact with you by using instant messaging, or e-mail rather than constantly ringing you, as that defeats the object of you taking calls), a nice voice, or even better an incredible accent along with a bubbly character.  There’s nothing worse than someone ringing up and to be greeted with a grunt, rather than a chirpy “hello there”.

    It’s also certainly not all about adult chat either.   These days, guys and girls have a propensity to call up just for a general chat.  Long removed are the 0898 days of the filthy mac brigade, or the vision regarding a “dirty old man” sitting in a grimey flat with his pants round his ankles (if anyone recalls French and Saunders portrayal of “randy old men” will know exactly what I am talking about).   But it’s simply not like that anymore.  Guys can phone you up these days in order to discuss their girlfriends or wives, or what to get their wives or girlfriends for their Birthday and suchlike, rather than just seeking a quick fumble for a few minutes.  There’s so much more now to the chat operator job than previously thought but nonetheless some women are fearful about it.  There’s absolutely no need if you find the right company.

    Picking out the right company should really be one of the top focal points when looking for this type of job.  Don’t go for one that advertises all over – generally this implies they’re pretty needy, and doesn’t particularly bode well.   Sometimes too, these particular companies that literally innundate the free classified sites for instance Gumtree are just out for one thing… a fee.  Any company worth its weight isn’t going to charge you a fee for working with them.  You don’t pay a fee to be able to join a branch of McDonalds, or to work in Next, so why should you pay a fee to join a chat company?  Don’t part with any money regardless of whether they promise you the world.  One reason why?  It’s a scam.  So they’ve promised you countless calls a day with the possibility to earn £100 daily – don’t part with your money.  If they are able to promise you hundreds of phone calls and the opportunity to generate that amount of cash a day, then precisely why can’t they do that without having a fee?  Other companies do.  Always try to go for the company which doesn’t plaster its advert all over a classified website.  One or two ads discreetly put on web sites are much better because they don’t feel the need to get in your face.   Also, if they’ve carried out the work to be able to get in Google search, rather than a classified web site is also better.  That indicates that they’ve carried out the base work on their website, rather than just set up an easy webpage and plastered free advertisements all over the net. 

    Once you’ve located a respectable company, they shouldn’t request you to pay for anything either.  Some companies may let you join at absolutely no cost but then charge you stupid amounts of money to give you with photos that can be used.  Don’t do it.   Yet again, this type of company is only after your cash and not your talent as a chat operator or chat host.

    Coaching is another important aspect of getting into a chat operator job.  If you possess no knowledge, however are usually confident on the phone, all you want is a little support and direction concerning how to handle phone calls then the companies that provide this tend to be the very best types.  Free coaching either on the internet or even by a no cost contact number is industry standard.  Anything aside from this, and you should just wave them a cheerful hasta la vista and move on to your next company.

    And that’s about it.  If you’re seeking work and have contemplated becoming a chat operator or chat host then that’s exactly what you should consider and expect as a baseline.  If any company wants a fee or extra funds for what you consider as standard, such as images ( should they be needed),  general instruction, or calls then inform them exactly where to go.  Common sense dominates on the search for any job really, and if you see a chat host job that does appear too good to be real, with promises of 100s of pounds on a daily basis then it probably is.

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