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  • The Right Way to Comment on DoFollow Blogs

    Posted on July 21st, 2011 mike1174 No comments

    If you want your keywords to rank as highly as possible, you have to learn how to effectively play the search engine optimization game. This can be tricky, especially if you’re not generating any targeted backlinks for your website. When you consider how many blogs are out there, many of them in your targeted niche, you can see why blog commenting can be an effective way to get backlinks to your website or blog. Yet, if you want your links to be found by the search engines, you’ll want to search for blogs that are do-follow. In order to have your comments published and get a backlink, you also have to make sure they get approved by the blog owner.

    Reference Needs to be Given – One of the main reasons that someone gets their comments approved and someone else doesn’t is that the first person is usually a more trustworthy source. If you are able to give a reference link to another post, article or news item, there’s no reason that your comment shouldn’t get approved. What you are doing here is giving your opinion and, to help the readers, your references–and for free! This is a great way to help your comments seem more authentic and genuine. You’ll actually be able to build respect for yourself from the blog owner by putting in real work and adding something of real value.

    Aim for Blogs With Recently Approved Comments: If you see that no comments have been approved lately, that’s a sign that the blog isn’t getting much attention. It’s best to give your attention to blogs where you can see evidence of recent activity. You want to comment on blogs that you know are getting traffic and that the owner is actively moderating. When you post your comment, you want it to get approved as soon as possible, but if the blogger isn’t accepting new comments or isn’t available, you won’t get any returns. Focusing on this one point can help you save a lot of time and actually get value out of your efforts.

    Comment Once Per Day to One Blog: Posting more than one comment per day to the same blog is not a good idea. Your goal is to have as many of your comments approved as possible, so it’s best to not overwhelm anybody.

    If you submit a large number of comments in one day, the blog owner will see you as a spammer. A good approach with commenting is to choose a topic you know is popular and comment on it before anyone else does. You’ll get more comments published if you keep this principle in mind. To sum up, the article above shows just how important blog commenting can be when you do it the right way. You need to take steps to ensure that all of your comments are approved because each and every back link for your site is valuable for your site and blog. This article, when applied, will help you make sure that your comments are approved by the site owners and that you actually have backlinks for your own blogs.

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