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  • Fatal Marketing Mistakes That Destroy Dreams And Income

    Posted on August 5th, 2011 mike1174 No comments

    It is common knowledge that far more people fail at doing business online than succeed. Only about 20% of all new businesses in the US make it through more than a several years. There are too many reasons why businesses fail, and of course a large number of them will never be known. One huge basic category that contains perhaps most of the reasons are mistakes in the execution of business – marketing and advertising. There is so much bad information on the net about how to generate an income on the net. But when it is all said and done, it really does not matter what caused it; but rather the end result is enough for most people.

    Just one mistake concerns the thought that if you offer sufficient things to your readers, then that will be a wide enough net to cover most scenarios. We all enjoy having options, so it is an easy to understand feeling to want to provide them to possible customers. However, options are often a killer of sales, but yes it can hinge on the situation. The best approach is to avoid presenting a menu of choices for your readers. When it comes down to making choices, or decisions, then far too many have a tough time with it. That can be particularly true with purchasing decisions. Buying indecision is perhaps the perfect killer of sales.

    If you are notoriously “cheap,” then avoid making the assumption that the rest of the world is cheap, too. We are talking about imagining everybody buys at the cheapest possible price – that is patently false. Look at watches, for example, there are cheap and high-priced watches. As you know, many higher priced products have been around for a very long time. The fact that they have existed for so long instantly dispells any myth that all people are cheap. People want to spend a lot on certain things for their own reasons. If what you promote can be sold at a premium, then do not be afraid to ask for a fair price for it. The critical thing is for you to understand the selling psychology behind expensive items.

    Have you ever had the thought that a product or system was so great that everyone must need it, or that every person will buy it? We all have at one time or another. Marketing history has its fair share of examples about products that seemed to be bought by almost everyone. As far as every person on the planet buying something from one company; we do not think that has happened – yet. The justification you have to avoid this belief is it will sabotage your determination; you will start to slack off and lose the marketing fire. If you begin to imagine your product will be universally liked, then that will point you down harmful paths. It is delusional to think about any service/product will be well-received by all people.

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