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  • Starting A Home Preschool – 3 Advantages Of Starting A Home Preschool vs An In Home Daycare

    Posted on March 25th, 2012 mike1174 No comments

    Starting A Home Preschool – Why Start A Preschool In Your Home

    homebased preschool

    Starting A Preschool?…..Are you actively seeking real opportunities to work from home? Are you sick and tired of juggling your kids and your day job?

    If you want to earn a full time income while being there for your children, then I have some great news for you. Why not start a homebased preschool. If you’ve ever searched for information on how to start a home daycare, consider starting a home preschool instead. Let me share with you three reasons (below the following preschool reading activity video) why you should consider starting a preschool instead. Starting A Home Preschool – 3 Advantages Of Starting A Home Preschool vs An In Home Daycare… Article Continues… 1. Long hours – Most people are familiar with in home dayscares, but not homebased preschools. Well, to be frank, in home daycares are great, but they can be stressfull and overwhelming. First of all, as a homebased daycare owner, you have to deal with crying, whining, and fighting children 12 hours daily. You’re pretty much working your life away from the comforts of home. You’re working more than 40 hours a week. How does that sound? Crazy…right? As a homebased preschool owner, you only work two to five hours everyday. That’s 10-25 hours a week. 2. Salary – Due to the fact that in home daycares are opened for 12 hours daily, you might assume that the pay should be greater than that of a homebased preschool. Well you’re wrong. In home daycares average around $4,000 monthly. Of course the amount depends on many other factors. As a homebased preschool owner you’re working part time for full time pay. The average homebased preschool owner earns $40/hr. That’s $4,000 per month. And again, that’s all part time income. 3. Younger Children – Most children that attend in home daycares are not potty trained. Remember, you’re dealing with babies to preschool age in a homebased daycare. When you have babies, you have poopy diapers. As a preschool owner, you’re dealing with older, potty trained children… well at least they should be. These are children from ages three to five. So which would you choose? Both of these homebased businesses are great. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. However, the advantages of starting homebased preschools far outweigh those of in home daycares. Finding legit work at home jobs, opportunities, etc., is like seaching for a needle in a haystack. As a preschool owner, you are creating a solid full time income that can sustain you and your family for the rest of your lives. And you know what, you don’t have to leave home or work 40 hours per week to do so. You cannot beat that!

    Following is a question and answer post regarding opening a home based preschool that I found on I thought I’d share it with you.

    Question…I am opening a home based preschool, any good ideas? Answer…:-) Great! It can be very rewarding. I am home-based as well and my biggest issue is that I do not have space specifically for them so it has to be a bit more structured than I care to do…but maybe some day I’ll have a house with a basement that I can use just for the preschool 🙂 We’re getting by right now. Right off the top of my head: * have a schedule but be flexible…remember you are on child’s time not adults and some activities require more or less time than you planned. * Include sensory—if you are in your main living space and can not have a sensory table I would suggest you buy a plastic wading pool or two to help keep mess contained. * Be sure to have policies in place and stick with them. Have a contract. * Provide variation of open-ended projects…steer away from coloring pages. Remember that preschoolers make mess! Be prepared. * Be organized! Have everything ready to go before the children arrive. * Plan on doing a newsletter or posting pictures (be sure to have a photo permission slip on hand) in the entry way to show the parents what you are doing. I ended up putting all the pics of the individual child onto a cd for each parent and they LOVED it!!!! It also got the thought across the I’m more than a babysitter. I tend to take pictures of the child engrossed in an activity. * Rotate most toys/manipulatives every other week. Keep some toys as “specials” and bring them out on a rainy day. * Get outside!!!! Every day possible. * If you are preparing a meal…include the children with as much preparation as you can. Not only do they love it…and they are more likely to try it…but there is much “learning” taking place. * Don’t go by the seat of your pants. 🙂 Create lesson plans and stick with them…incorporate the children’s ideas as much as possible. Many more thoughts I can add but maybe this will give you an idea! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________


    Daycare Licensing requirements Starting A Home Preschool


  • PrePaid Legal Review – Is The Company A Scam?

    Posted on January 6th, 2012 mike1174 No comments

    If you have heard about the prepaid legal scam that can be seen on the internet, there is a chance that you could think differently about this theory by the end of this article. Before you start to stereotype prepaid legal, you should have a general insight of what this group is and what they proclaim that they can do to assist folks in being successful. 

    Representatives main duty is to come across folks who are interested in obtaining legal services. Basically, prepaid legal will allow individuals to have a personal lawyer on hand that will handle all of their legal issues. Diverse legal matters can be dealt with through these attorneys, such as drawing up legal wills and assitsing individuals safeguard their identity.

    This company is a great company to be a part of. There are a lot of people that still think a prepaid legal scam exists. This business is legitimate that is certainly not a scam.

     Reps that partnered up this company are not employees of prepaid legal, they work as an independent contractor for the company. This becomes their own home based business that they work when they want.

    To be honest, numerous individuals fail in this business because they are not properly trained on how to building a business. Individuals that wish to become a part of prepaid legal will need to get education in marketing in order to succeed.

    The great news is, there are many training programs that offer help to assist people promote the services. Locating training programs is not hard to do, however, a lot of folks are to timid to find help when it comes to this. For the most part, mlm businesses do not have high-quality training program, so it is common for people to go outside of their company training to find training that they need in order to thrive.

     Marketing is the key in any business. If you do not know how to market the right way, chances are your business will fall short, in spite of its potential. If you wish to turn into the next leader in this opportunity, you should get skilled the right way to achieve your full potential quicker. This can be the difference between success and failure.

    After inspecting this PrePaid Legal Scam article, you will need to start your education and uncover marketing skills that will bring you representatives to thrive your business and be the leader you aim to be, Get access to our completely no cost resource information, click here: PrePaid Legal Scam. So many persons struggle in this industry, don’t be one of them.

  • MLM Lead Generation – What You must Know

    Posted on September 27th, 2011 mike1174 No comments

    MLM Lead Generation Exposed – Organizing a Plan

    There are lots of ways to go about MLM lead generation on the internet. Probabilities are, if you’ve heard of a advertising and marketing technique, it works, for probably the most component. The key is you have to zone in on 1, maybe two in the most, MLM lead generation strategies, focus on it until you master it, then move on to another method. If you are on a tight spending budget, I would extremely recommend blogging, post marketing and advertising, or social media. If you’ve got some dollars to spare, I would advise paid advertising like Facebook PPC, or Google AdWords banners. Paid advertising, if carried out properly, can yield outcomes for you considerably faster than cost-free advertising and marketing procedures, due to the fact you’ll be able to expose your message to lots of prospective prospects at the same time.

    MLM Lead Generation – Executing Your Strategy

    Once you’ve got your MLM lead generation technique picked out, you need to go at it full speed. Be hungry to understand every thing you’ll be able to about that specific advertising and marketing technique, due to the fact the on the web globe is very, quite competitive and might be a steep uphill battle for you in case you do not know what you’re performing. But the great news is, if you have the correct training, you may readily separate yourself from the rest of one’s competition. This is since 90% of the network advertising and marketing industry is doing the exact similar thing, which is pitching their small business to everyone.

    When you are attacking MLM lead generation on the net, pitching your business will make you broke extremely rapidly. This is for the reason that your prospective prospects, other network marketers, already have a organization and they don’t wish to take a look at your company. Nobody cares if you have the most effective firm, finest compensation program, greatest merchandise, most effective leaders, debt cost-free, revolutionary, in no way heard of, never ever been done just before in our industry, and it goes on and on. To make MLM lead generation function for you, You’ll want to grow to be the leader that folks are desperately seeking.

    MLM Lead Generation – Leveraging the Program of the Top Producers

    MLM lead generation on the internet can be a steep, uphill battle for the beginner who may perhaps not know a lot about world wide web advertising. Have you ever wondered how the leading producers produce 20, 50, even 100 leads every single single day? This is simply because they leverage a method that not just teaches them MLM lead generation, but will assist build their organization, not just a downline. When you’re going about producing leads on the net, you need to assist other network marketers in their current business enterprise, and you do so by selling other tools and related gives.

    Thankfully, there is a program on the market that the leading producers in network advertising and world wide web marketing and advertising use and which is known as My Lead System Pro. This method isn’t some magic pill that when you take it, it’ll magically generate site visitors, leads, sales, and new distributors into your downline. You might want to feed traffic in order for an MLM lead generation system to work. The technique works, but in the finish of the day, it is going to boil down to how badly you wish it, your efforts, and your desire. What’s it going to be?

  • Leads Are what Leads Network Marketing the Legend

    Posted on August 12th, 2011 mike1174 No comments

    It’s all the identical story. You tried to sponsor the men and women you truly wanted to, but they weren’t interested. These three or four individuals don’t want to create a business for you though. The planet of MLM might be fairly hard once in a whilst. If you’re looking for a answer then it lies in obtaining a lot more leads for your business. What leads network marketing ventures genuinely are the leads, or the quantity of men and women you have to speak to.


    We have some great news for you. The world wide web is going to have the answer you may be searching for, but not the one you feel it may present. In case you like, go ahead and do a Google search for MLM leads. You are going to locate tons and tons of leads for sale, anyplace from a couple of pennies all of the way up to 10 dollars per lead! You may initially think this is really a very good concept. The reality is these leads network marketing companies will sell you are just plain poor. The main concern is this, they’re not familiar with who you are!


    Envision calling somebody, becoming acquainted with the other individual, generating a connection, leading them to your presentation, and right after that signing them up. Is it feasible? Sure it’s, but not extremely likely. Notice, the way the actual heavy hitters are bringing in huge gains on-line is by marketing and advertising themselves. People who’re thinking about MLM or house modest business opportunities are just like cold damp hungry kittens. If they don’t know who you happen to be, they’ll run. That’s their typical response to a lot of men and women telling them, “come here, I’ll take care of you.” Nevertheless! If this poor cat has been by your doorstep a couple of times and observed the abundance inside your life, then suddenly they will commence trusting you.


    By branding yourself on-line you’re able to attract the type of people you genuinely want inside your business. Excitement is contagious. Men and women prefer to work together with other men and females! In case you would like leads network marketing superstars call then you need individuals who’ve already been in get in touch with with your character, your smile as well as your enthusiasm.


    You might not know this fact. People are surprised whenever you call them or send them a personal e-mail appropriate soon after they opt-in to your e-mail list. Now you are on the correct side of the table. Folks will take notice of you basically because you own the web site they visited, you’ve got the answers and your words are coming over the line. You just gained enormous brownie points inside your prospects mind.


    So what are the subsequent few steps? You ought to begin by branding your self on-line in a direct and helpful manner. Envision this… You’re sitting behind a pc generating the world’s friendliest, straight-talking, enjoyable and knowledgeable weblog internet site about a topic that drives and leads Network Marketing. Your mantra wants to be, “I am a leader, and I’m a million dollar producer.” With this mental vision you’re all set to do take your prospects by your hand and say with full confidence, “I know what I’m accomplishing, and I know how you’ll be able to make your self powerful.”