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  • An Impartial Review Of Tribe Marketing

    Posted on November 9th, 2011 mike1174 No comments

    Recently taking the network marketing industry by storm Tribe Marketing you could say has ‘revolutionised’ the online marketing arena. Could you see the advantage of having hundreds of other folks recommending your content to all of their friends and associates on their social networks, plus book marking your content on all the major social sites. This is going to cause an avalanche of traffic to your website, create an absolute ton of backlinks which will help your content show up in the search engines.

    These represent the kind of results you can anticipate from carrying out tribe marketing within your enterprise. As we both know network marketing is all about relationships and helping each other out in order that we ALL profit, well this marketing method works on the same principles.

    You will need a regular flow of traffic and leads of you are going to make any money in your business and no one can escape that fact. You might want to consider a content marketing strategy as this is very effective for generating leads, you can produce articles, videos, podcasts and ebooks and post them to your own personal websites and other directories that accept such content. You will need to do additional promotion work so that your articles and videos can be found, which involves generating a large number of backlinks, often called inbound links. In short these are links from other websites that count as a ‘vote’ for your content, therefore making it more popular.

    There are networks now in place designed with this specific goal in mind. For example Tribepro is a relatively new service where you can join for free and submit your content to the network to be shared by hundreds of other people across facebook, blogs, twitter, google etc…. This will result in lots of free traffic, leads and sales. You’ve seen those little Facebook & Twitter buttons that show how many times content has been shared? Well imagine having these on your blog with numbers in the hundreds.

    So instead of single handedly trying to promote your content, get into Tribe marketing and let other people help you out. It’s a simple strategy that anyone can start using today, and you can start for free. By sharing other people’s content across your social networks, you will earn ‘credits’ and once you have a certain amount, the system will then allow you to submit your content to be shared by others.

    One of the best things about promoting your Network Marketing business online is the ability to be able to have a great deal of processes done on auto pilot and it’s really exactly the same with tribe marketing. Upgrading to a paid for membership means you will have your website content continuously shared automatically.

    Now website promotion is very easy and can be done in mass which you should remember. Make sure that you understand fully the tribe marketing concepts and begin using them in your business. The days of trying to promote all your content yourself are over. Join a tribe and help others out and they will help you also.

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