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  • Crank Out Qualified Prospects Using The Social Networks

    Posted on February 3rd, 2012 mike1174 No comments

    The internet really does offer us a fantastic way to generate more leads for our business which we all need. Using the social networking sites, like Facebook & Twitter has become a very popular method for marketing over the recent months.

    These are powerful marketing methods, take Facebook for example, they get almost as much traffic as the Google search engine. When you know anything about attraction marketing then you will see just how successful sites like Facebook are, there are millions of potential prospects which we can connect to and build associations with from anywhere on the globe. As network marketers we all know that this business is about connecting and building personal relationships with people. The better the relationships, the more products you are going to sell.

    Network marketing is after all about building relationships with people, without this important element you probably won’t get very far in your business. It’s truthful to say that each marketer should think about social media promotion within their business design, so exactly what is the proper way to achieve this?

    Look at Facebook , there is the ‘groups’ facility which allows people to create groups relevant to their niche, there are already thousands of groups in existence full of network marketers. You can join as many of these as you wish and add people as friends and add your input to any discussions that are going on. It’s probably worth mentioning at this point that you should steer clear of SPAM and make sure that you are not just posting links to your business opportunity left, right and centre. This is definitely not the right way to use the social networks and in all likelihood will get you banned, or at least a very bad reputation. You should always offer value and build relationships before you pitch your deal. In the offline world the chances are if you had just met someone for the first time, it wouldn’t go down well if you instantly tried to sell them something, things work the same online, it’s all about human communication.

    Facebook marketing also offers paid marketing in the form of pay per click. This is a very powerful way to generate traffic to your offer and it’s fast. Right now the competition is pretty low as well, much like the Google a few years back. Again don’t underestimate the power of their ad targeting system, you can be very specific.

    Another social network to consider is Twitter, you can build a following of likeminded people very easily and a lot of the process can indeed be automated, using something like Tweet Adder, it will look for people tweeting about keywords that you define and automatically follow you. You should always follow the same protocol and make sure that you are not spamming, but rather offering value. If you are a regular blogger or producing content, then make sure you use the tweet function to let everyone know about your new content so you can boost up your traffic and lead opt-ins.

    Its quite possible to build up your following using attraction marketing and social media to such a point that you may not even need to look at other marketing methods for your business!

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