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  • Your Network Marketing Business Needs to Have Lots Of R & R

    Posted on August 18th, 2011 mike1174 No comments

    Your current network marketing business is causing your stress level to go through the roof. You’ve been running yourself ragged trying to write articles, create videos, do your keyword research and master web optimization and the list goes on. Regrettably you are not making any money either. Wait a minute, wasn’t that why you began your business to begin with? Weren’t you seeking to improve your financial situation and free yourself from the stresses of your j.o.b.? Perhaps it is time that your business got some required “R & R.” No, I don’t mean rest and relaxation. I meant retailing and recruiting, the two essential things that have to happen if your business is going to be profitable.

    Direct sales. When we cut through the clutter, this is the definition of what we do. Our business is the delivery of goods and services from the the seller to the consumer through a distribution channel made up of interpersonal relationships. It is the sales of these same products and services that funds every other aspect of the network marketing business. Without sales there will not be any compensation either. Gut check time. Does everyone in your email address book, Facebook friend list or on your child’s baseball team know what products you sell? If they don’t, you have not been diligent in your efforts to retail. Generating awareness is key to producing retail MLM sales.

    Before you decide to focus on another technical piece of online marketing, it is crucial that you get the word out about the great services or products that you offer. Something as simple as an email letting everyone know that you are a distributor of your company and introducing the product or service they provide is a great way to jump start some sales activity in your network marketing business.

    The aim of any network marketing business has been and will continue to be the creation of “walk away” residual income. Which means that your business is developed to such a point, that it is the selling activity of the distributors in your organization that creates the income in your pocket, instead of just your own individual sales efforts. If your business is truly going to give you a full time income and beyond. it will take the reproduction of recruiting to get you there. Unfortunately, too many MLM distributors are deathly terrified of this activity, yet it is necessary to move forward.

    The initial step in creating a fertile MLM recruiting environment in your business is your own personal belief and conviction. You need to believe with all of the conviction that you can muster that your company, product and opportunity are the very best vehicle to help others. If you don’t believe this deep within, find something that stirs that type of conviction within you or get out of the business altogether. Once you’ve settled that issue within you, it is time to spread the word. Talk to at least 5 new people per day about your network marketing business. This can be done through a myriad of methods including face to face contact, email and phone calls, just to name a few. Don’t the results of those conversations, just focus on the discipline of having those conversations. When you make this a part of your daily business building habits, you are going to hit many home runs along the way.

    Should you find yourself wrestling with your network marketing business, step back and take that much needed R & R.

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