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  • How To Locate The Best MLM Leads

    Posted on February 25th, 2012 mike1174 No comments

    A typical question in network marketing is: “Where can I find the best MLM leads?” This question is somewhat broad, and so it is best to qualify this question and hopefully give some guidance to those of you who are asking similar questions.

    To truly research this question, we have to first determine what qualities define the “best” MLM leads. Those qualities are broken into three categories that, when present, make an person an exceptional mlm downline prospect.

    The first quality is responsiveness. Does the prospect respond to information and guidance that is provided to them. One of the first indicators of a responsive lead, is a person who will offer you with their contact information in return for training, a report, or other form of incentive. When a prospect shows responsiveness, they are indicating a willingness to move beyond mere tire kicking to an actual test drive of the information you present. In your downline this individual will likely demonstrate responsiveness to team initiatives, training opportunities or other business building suggestions.

    The second quality found in the best leads is desire. Does the prospect show desire in their pursuit of network marketing or are they simply entertaining the notion of an MLM business. A prospect who demonstrates desire is much more likely to make a deeper level of overall commitment to their network marketing business and your team. One way to measure desire is via the evaluation of the marketing entry point through which the lead came into early contact with you. A prospect who comes through a generic Google search of MLM, network marketing or just a company name demonstrates less desire than a prospect who comes through an article or advertisement dealing with lead generation strategies or network marketing education. Desire is the fuel that maintains long term commitment, without desire, your prospect will likely be a short term team member.

    The third quality found in the greatest MLM leads is follow through. Does the prospect review the information sent to them? Do they attend webinars that they sign up for? Do they return your phone calls? Your instruction system ought to monitor whether or not a person has utilized the training. This can easily be done using link tracking. When a prospect demonstrates follow through, they are putting action to their desire. This shows a willingness to put effort behind their motivations. A lead who demonstrates follow through should in theory demonstrate that same degree of follow through in their network marketing business. These are the people who will call their leads, train their downines and talk product with customers. They are showing by their responsiveness that they are willing to do whatever will make their business successful.

    finding the best MLM leads begins with you. You need to figure out who it is you are wanting on your team. This will guide you in your MLM marketing efforts, as some marketing resources are more targeted than others

  • Produce Your Multilevel Marketing Momentum Through Lead Generation

    Posted on December 17th, 2011 mike1174 No comments

    In multi level markeing, substantial wealth is produced solely after you’ve got momentum. This momentum will be  thought as very similar to the doubling effect of compound interest.Compound interest is defined as interest that’s calculated not just on the original principal but additionally, the collected interest amount of prior periods.” Applying this concept to your multi level markeing efforts, your original principal is your initial effort, and your gathered interest is that of  your recruits, who, along with your correct teaching, compound your efforts to effectively set the momentum in motion.Your recruits follow your example by rising your team and finding new recruits who subsequently do the same. This has  stunning and remarkable results. This creates a doubling impact that when it’s in place grows your team at an incredible speed. No longer can your personal efforts preserve pace with the efforts of all your teammates who all contribute to the expansion of your organization.Building momentum all begins by placing it in movement with your actions. Unfortunately, try asking up to ninety percent of the people who attempt multi level markeing how they’re doing. You are more than likely to listen to some  damaging replies. The reason is easy – they didn’t create the momentum.Getting your multi level markeing business rolling is no mystery. It requires you and your optimistic dedication to get things moving. Additionally, it takes proper planning. That is accomplished first by establishing the targets for your business. Decide what your perfect vision of the future can be, and move towards it with optimistic expectations.The following step for realizing your  multilevel marketing success is mapping out your plan for success. That is where you identify the simplest use  of your time and energy. Work out what cash if any, ought to be spent on your enterprise, including marketing and other expenses.  Most importantly, set time aside to market your business each day.A often missed step by many who try to succeed at multi level markeing is devoting time to personal growth. Continuing training is critical to your success. Your newfound wisdom will allow you to adapt to changes, and give attention to the tasks that actually work.Personal improvement will result in the growth of your recruits, who are the key to your future success. Your teammates need a  group leader who has infectious vitality, is uplifting and knowledgeable. It is crucial that you treat your team like they are an extension of you. Only then will your dream of mlm momentum be fulfilled.As soon as you created this momentum… the explosive growth of your organization essentially becomes unstoppable like a freight train (like the one in the Denzel Washington movie “Unstoppable”.Momentum leads to ultimate success is an undisputable truth in the multilevel marketing industry, where unbelievable results are achieved by teams of entreprneurs, not lone-rangers.Now, with all that we’ve said, why don’t we take a quick look at how you can generate leads for your multi level markeing business.The Network marketing industry has been treated with a negative public stigma due to some over the top promises of time and financial freedom. The truth is Network marketing is no different than any other industry where a small group ever achieve a high level of success… And an even smaller percentage of people are determined enough to keep up the level of accomplishments over a period of time.What it means isn’t that Direct sales is a poor choice of business to participate in. Nor does it mean that Mlm offers a make-money-overnight way to create a new stream of income or dramatically change you and your family’s lifestyle. All this means is that it’s essential to be teachable and work hard AND smart even in a business like Mlm in which the average person can start a business with just a few $100’s!The highest leverage skill to learn in Network marketing is generating leads. Here are two huge benefits of mastering Mlm lead generation: 1. It gives you a choice to do away from approaching your warm market contacts. Chances are if you’ve ever been in more than one Network marketing business before you have VERY likely already presented your business to them and used up your credibility at a time that you weren’t so successful.2. Direct sales lead generation is a fantastic way to explode a organization (i.e. your business) that you can pass on to your team mates. Every successful multi-level marketing distributor will agree that the biggest secret to success in our industry is duplication… and once steady streams of leads is created anyone on your team can recruit them by phone or via the web using tools such as Skype or an email autoresponder.

    So the next logical… “How do I master the art and science of lead generation?”Exactly, how can you generate steady streams of fresh, hot prospects that have credit card in hand, ready to join your business today?Simply put, the best way to do it is just model after the marketers that have done it before and follow their blueprint.The best place to find them is <a href=”″>MLM Lead System Pro</a>Check out this brutally honest <a href=””>MLM Lead System Pro review</a> and learn how your MLM business can skyrocket like never before by generating hot, personal-branded leads using ridiculously effective online marketing strategies at no cost at <a href=”″></a>

  • A Great Post on Market Samurai

    Posted on December 16th, 2011 mike1174 No comments

    If you really really want to get article marketing to be of assistance, you should have excellent keywords. It’s easy enough to select the phrases that you find yourself choosing the most. The greatest approach, however, is to use a tool that will find the most searched for keywords for you. This way you only choose the niche you want to work in, find out what people are looking for in that niche and then make your sales page and even your product for those keywords. Market Samurai is one thing that you can utilize to help you uncover those great keywords.

    There are amazing evaluations for article marketing robot. When someone asks for help with key phrases in an Internet Marketing based forum, the majority of the suggestions include the purchase of Market Samurai. These individuals go on and on about how fantastic this tool really is, so we decided to check it out. After allóis it really worth the hoopla or are most of these people just affiliates who are wanting to earn a few commissions through forum marketing? This isn’t that unusual of a query, especially when you consider how popular affiliate marketing has become lately.

    Perhaps the nicest factor about Market Samurai is the fact that you can use a totally free trial version of it for mlm lead generation. This means that, before you decide to drop a large chunk of change on it, you can check out this system. This demonstrates that the designers who make the software know just how crucial proving the worth of the software actually is. Anybody can certainly produce some praising words. What actually matters is showing what you are worth. Offering the no cost trial shows us that the creators have confidence in what they have created. This is totally a very important thing.

    Maybe the thing men and women will like most with regards to Market Samurai is simply how much it has to offer. Not only can you use it for producing and making things you can use it to advertise the things that you have created and built. It may help you build backlinks. There are numerous distinct modules contained within this software. You won’t have to worry that you could have dropped a lot of cash on something that does only one thing or two. This delivers an assistant in a box sort of solution that you can use for support no matter what it is that you need help with.

    The only problem to Market Samurai is how slow the software is. The software chews up a lot of the resources in your system and that can make your computer run more slowly than usual. Users also say that the project organization segment leaves a little bit to be desired. It seems that you are going to have to create lots of folders just for an individual project and that could end up costing you lots of time searching through folders.

    All in all, we’re willing to declare that Market Samurai is worth your hard earned dollars. Just be sure that you use it on a very good computer that includes a fast processor and that you know how to correctly organize your files.

  • Before Signing Into

    Posted on November 17th, 2011 mike1174 No comments is the business nerve center of Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing, one of the fastest growing network marketing companies in the world. The back office is the place where sales, leads, recruiting and commissions are tracked. It is also filled with wonderful business building tools for Fortune Hi Tech Marketing distributors. Before you login to your FHTM back office it is essential that you first learn your craft.

    Learning your craft goes far beyond just learning the products and network marketing opportunity presentation of Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing. even though those things are foundational, what is of higher importance is learning the skills and abilities that will help you generate leads to fuel your Fortune Hi Tech Marketing business. Without a steady stream of leads coming into your sales process, you will simply run short of people to talk to about your FHTM business and the FHTM opportunity.

    There are three key areas that should be focused on when learning the skill sets of lead generation. The first of these areas is keyword research. What are the people most likely to join your FHTM business looking for? Spend some time on Google searching out combinations of keywords that are gleaned from your research. Get a feel for what is driving traffic.

    The second item of focus is content creation. Now that you have determined the keywords and phrases that are moving the target traffic you are looking for, it is time for you to place yourself in that traffic flow. Content can come in a variety of forms. Things such as a marketing blog, Youtube videos and articles are some of the best content tools to network with the traffic you are targeting.

    The last item of focus is conversions. Now that you have determined the traffic you are looking for and have generated the content to intersect that traffic, it is time to turn those connections into profit. There are basically two forms of conversion that you are looking for in your Fortune Hitech Marketing business. The first is sales and the other is distributor signups. It is no secret that easiest traffic to convert to your business are those who are currently warm to the idea of multi level marketing. People in this category don’t need to be convinced of the potential of the business model, they merely need to be convinced that FHTM is the best vehicle for that model.

    If you will take the time to master these skills, your trips to the FHTM back office will be extremely enjoyable, as you see the statistical proof of your business success.

  • An Assessment Of The Empower Network

    Posted on November 16th, 2011 mike1174 No comments

    If you are involved with any kind of online marketing or in an MLM one important question I want to ask you is are your being paid one hundred percent commissions?

    If the answer is no (for most people it will be) then how would you feel about being paid the whole amount for each and every network marketing success sale that you make?

    Someone spammed me on Skype about Empower Network today which actually made me think ‘oh heck..not another dead beat product launch’, but by the end of the sales video I was literally in tears with laughter.

    If you have been in the industry for a while then you will probably already know that blogging is one of the number one ways that you can generate a ton of leads and sales daily. With some simple strategies you can make your blog posts return in the search engines for lots of different search terms. This will bring you a lot of free traffic and enable you to increase your profits and make money on autopilot.

    I myself have used this method of traffic and lead generation for the last few months and have done very well out of it, my blog gets around 900 unique visitors daily and I generate anything from 20-50 leads each and every day on autopilot and for free. It something that virtually anyone can do and the great thing is that you don’t need to sit on the phones all day prospecting.

    it has to be said though that many people do have difficulty with this marketing method and it does in its basic form require a fair amount of work

    The Empower Network lets you cut out all of that crap and go straight to the good bit….instant money into your bank account, click here to see how.

    The power of getting paid instantly really is very appealing and your prospects will simply love this product and system as they can start earning immediately.

    Then imagine that when people you have referred make earn on those as well…and again 100% INSTANT commissions. I know it sounds a bit farfetched, but it’s true.

    Add to this you will have your own authority, viral marketing system that you can start using to promote yourself, your products, your MLM opportunity and of course Empower Network. When it comes to converting your leads and visitors into sales that’s taken care of also, the creators of the system Dave Wood & David Sharpe are master at recruiting and sale videos, so what they’ve created will do the work for you.

    It really is simple to get started in the system

    Firstly you will sign up (crazy low price), set up your own blogging platform and then start posting content, then you are ready to start watching commissions come in.

    Many reviews online are hailing this as a complete turnaround for the industry and they would be right. This is both new and innovative, I’ve not heard of 100% commissions in such a system before have you? The time to get involved is definitely now.