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  • How To Locate The Best MLM Leads

    Posted on February 25th, 2012 mike1174 No comments

    A typical question in network marketing is: “Where can I find the best MLM leads?” This question is somewhat broad, and so it is best to qualify this question and hopefully give some guidance to those of you who are asking similar questions.

    To truly research this question, we have to first determine what qualities define the “best” MLM leads. Those qualities are broken into three categories that, when present, make an person an exceptional mlm downline prospect.

    The first quality is responsiveness. Does the prospect respond to information and guidance that is provided to them. One of the first indicators of a responsive lead, is a person who will offer you with their contact information in return for training, a report, or other form of incentive. When a prospect shows responsiveness, they are indicating a willingness to move beyond mere tire kicking to an actual test drive of the information you present. In your downline this individual will likely demonstrate responsiveness to team initiatives, training opportunities or other business building suggestions.

    The second quality found in the best leads is desire. Does the prospect show desire in their pursuit of network marketing or are they simply entertaining the notion of an MLM business. A prospect who demonstrates desire is much more likely to make a deeper level of overall commitment to their network marketing business and your team. One way to measure desire is via the evaluation of the marketing entry point through which the lead came into early contact with you. A prospect who comes through a generic Google search of MLM, network marketing or just a company name demonstrates less desire than a prospect who comes through an article or advertisement dealing with lead generation strategies or network marketing education. Desire is the fuel that maintains long term commitment, without desire, your prospect will likely be a short term team member.

    The third quality found in the greatest MLM leads is follow through. Does the prospect review the information sent to them? Do they attend webinars that they sign up for? Do they return your phone calls? Your instruction system ought to monitor whether or not a person has utilized the training. This can easily be done using link tracking. When a prospect demonstrates follow through, they are putting action to their desire. This shows a willingness to put effort behind their motivations. A lead who demonstrates follow through should in theory demonstrate that same degree of follow through in their network marketing business. These are the people who will call their leads, train their downines and talk product with customers. They are showing by their responsiveness that they are willing to do whatever will make their business successful.

    finding the best MLM leads begins with you. You need to figure out who it is you are wanting on your team. This will guide you in your MLM marketing efforts, as some marketing resources are more targeted than others

  • Dealing With Setbacks In Your MLM Business

    Posted on December 8th, 2011 mike1174 No comments

    While you build your MLM business, you will definitely encounter times of frustration along the way. There may be individuals that say they wish to be present at your presentation, but don’t. There will be individuals that send you messages wanting additional information about your company, but then never respond to your calls or emails. There may be times your upline promises to help you with something, but instead drop the ball. Every now and then you will bring someone on to your team who shows great potential, but ends up being non-productive. These realities are shared by those who have been building a multilevel marketing business for any period of time. Knowing that disappointment is part of the business building process, it is vital that you handle these disappointments in a positive, constructive manner.

    When you run into a place of frustration in your business, among the best steps you can take is to take a quick inventory of your process. Examine your MLM business to ascertain if there are places of betterment that could eliminate or greatly diminish the repeated occurrence of the situation that brought about the unsatisfactory circumstance. For example, you may identify a need for faster follow up with your leads, so that they don’t become cold to your opportunity. Maybe you need to establish an organized system of communication with your MLM downline, so that your team remains informed of new developments in the business. Your appraisal may show the need for a more formalized system of team training to help eliminate non-productive team members. These are just a few examples where letdowns can be the catalyst that ultimately propels you to the next level.

    Frustrating issues are defining times in your MLM business. What you decide to do with those frustrations may be the difference between the growth or death of your business. Many people use their disappointments as an excuse for quitting, changing programs or going into a full state of retreat. A true business builder refuses to allow these things to become setbacks in their business. Instead they use disappointments as the fuel to go out and do more. The difference is mindset. A serious entrepreneur has already determined deep within, that they will not quit until they have reached their long range goal. A setback is merely an obstacle that they have to go over, go around or go through. Disappointment is never a justification to stop or retreat.

    The strength and courage to maneuver beyond the disappointments you will encounter in your MLM business begin with an internal commitment to always keep advancing.