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  • MLM Tips To Keep Hold Of More Prospects

    Posted on January 19th, 2012 mike1174 No comments

    If your mlm business has a great product and a great compensation plan it seems astonishing to note that so many persons who come into this industry fail to generate much money and create for themselves a stable financial future. The potential that this business style offers certainly is astonishing when you think about the capacity of developing a downline and having hundreds of people under you all eager to grow their business, in theory you should almost be able to take a back seat and watch the profits roll in.

    Over the last few weeks I’ve had conversations with several network marketers, some have made money and others have not made a dime, I have concluded that the reasons for the most part why people are not succeeding in network marketing is due to inadequate training and support. Sad but true that most network marketing companies and sponsors simply have not shown their new recruits how to get money into their business quick enough. Retention rates in this business are somewhere around a pathetic 15% People just entering the industry often say they don’t get the assistance they need from their sponsors and it goes without saying that the traditional methods of recruitment do not work as well as they used to.

    It is so important to learn and implement attraction marketing in this business, I learned from the great master himself Mike Dillard and since implementing his way of thinking things have never been the same again… in any aspect of my life! I highly endorse all his products to you and your team. When you start to market and brand yourself, if you are doing it in the correct way you will appeal to the right people to you and begin to create trust and understanding with them and done correctly they will be asking you to show them your business rather than you pushing it onto them. The internet is one place where you can utilise attraction marketing very effectively! One word of warning though, don’t become an annoying spammer by sending links everywhere claiming ‘Best Opportunity ever, make $5,000 tonight, Best Payout ever’ etc…you know the sort of thing, those emails fill up my inbox everyday. People will do business with people that they know and trust, it stands to reason you will stick out from the crowd by branding yourself and what you can give to your prospects in the way of support and very valuable training.

    Always give true value! To gain the trust and respect of potential business partners you must offer them outstanding value, go above and beyond what everyone else is doing and you will stand out from the marketing noise and position yourself in a place of authority in the market.

    You should have systems in position that will get the job of networking with prospects on auto-pilot, I mean things like auto responders and videos, emails you compose once and then can be read by thousands over and over again, videos you make once and can be watched by by new people time and time again. Again all this you must teach to your team. Attraction marketing is the way to go, not spam marketing. By passing on these these strategies to your team you will experience a far improved retention rate. I’d love to teach you more but I can’t do it all in one article!.

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  • MLM Lead Systems – Are The Legit, And Which 1 Is Finest?

    Posted on January 13th, 2012 mike1174 No comments

    MLM Lead Systems Exposed – The Truth Revealed

    So you’re searching online for distinctive MLM lead systems on the net and you’re doing your due diligence by doing the research to obtain the ideal one. Great! There are actually several systems on the market that could allow you to market your MLM business enterprise on line. Sadly numerous marketers misunderstand what a program is and believe any method will magically do all of the function for them. Do not quote me wrong, systems are very effective, but you have to drive traffic to the system in order for it to function for you. Whenever you drive targeted traffic toward your targeted supply, the program will assist you in doing the selling. This is how you create results working with MLM lead systems.

    MLM Lead Systems – In no way Chasing Everyone Once more?

    There are numerous marketers on the net who are promoting either their MLM small business or their MLM lead systems. Most of these marketers are not making any capital in their enterprise since the way they go about their advertising and marketing is just not incredibly appealing. This is mainly because they are trying to clarify they’ve the best business, very best merchandise, finest compensation plan, revolutionary enterprise owners, debt totally free, finest systems, along with the list goes on and on, plus the truth is, nobody cares. I had to discover this the difficult way when I was starting out advertising and marketing my business enterprise online.

    Not even a month soon after I joined the industry, I was introduced to a concept called attraction advertising. In this approach, you never have to chase anyone inside your small business and rather, folks come chasing after you, wanting to know how they are able to obtain from you. I was trying to figure out how I would marketplace my MLM lead systems, and this concept was really intriguing. In brief, attraction advertising means people join folks, not organization opportunities. You must come to be the leader that men and women are trying to find. To turn out to be a leader, you have to give value to your prospects. You acquire value by acquiring the knowledge and skill sets necessary to assist train your prospects. This is how you get persons to come chasing soon after you.

    MLM Lead Systems – Top Producer Program Formula

    Have you ever wondered what MLM lead generation systems the top producers in network marketing use? Given that we already covered attraction advertising, they use a technique to help harness this advertising method to generate leads and customers for their business. The method the top producers use is called My Lead System Pro, which is based off of the attraction advertising and marketing principles I just explained. The method will assist educated you on diverse advertising techniques to help explode your enterprise as soon as achievable. MLSP separates themselves from other MLM lead systems available due to the fact it’s completely customizable, meaning if you wish to put your own content and videos into the system, are no cost to do so. This effective technique has helped me go from working full time at a minimum wage job to working full time from residence in about 1 hundred days.

  • Sponsor People online? Is It Encouraged?

    Posted on December 30th, 2011 mike1174 No comments

    Before I get straight into methods to sponsor people using the the internet, I would like to inform you of some thing essential! In this MLM Tip, Offline strategies still apply! If you want to sponsor people, you will still need to get on the phone and network! Odds are that you are involved with a Network Marketing company, so inside the MLM business model we network and market…. right? So enough of the rant and lets get into why you may are interested in learning tips on how to sponsor people online shall we…

    So just why use the internet to sponsor people? Well to begin with it is possible to reach a great deal of people (prospects). There’s no end to the amount of people you can actually sponsor. You won’t exhaust people using the internet (also offline as well, but that’s another topic) plus in today’s world, using the internet, is really a daily activity in excess of 80% of the world’s population! After all Facbook has almost 1 billion users!! So just think of the number of people it is possible to get connected to! Not forgetting Twitter, Linkedin and many types of other social networking sites to choose from! We can not ignore Google’s search engine either! People are looking day-to-day for new opportunities as well as the timing couldn’t be any better in relation to sponsor people using the web!

    It’s possible you’ll ask yourself how do I actually sponsor people using the internet? Well… there are actually numerous strategies you can utilize and this also is where a lot of people get overwhelmed when learning to sponsor people on the net! You can blog, use social networking, google and facebook ads (PPC- paid advertising) and much more! Quite a few are almost free to do, while some require some investment. You’ll find that you need a good system (training) to work with in addition to a mentor when it comes to learning how to sponsor people on the web and establishing your Internet Empire.

    A thing to point out here….

    You don’t need to to be a techie guru when considering learning how to sponsor people using the web!
    Yes there is a learning curve therefore you NEED to be consistent almost on a daily basis! Some strategies are long run but some are short term! Usually short-term strategies regarding how to sponsor people using the web are more expensive. I like to make use of both however…I stick to two main strategies and take action on them in a almost consistent regular basis.

    The benefits on making use of the internet to sponsor people are….

    1.It can run on auto-pilot producing quality leads(prospects to talk to <- remember what I said earlier, we still need to get on the telephone and connect) for your business!
    2.You can reach more people as there are lots of people looking for YOUR opportunity you have to offer! And 90% of them are looking via the internet for their solution!
    3.It’s actually fun!
    4.You really do not have to be Tech savvy! Once you learn some strategies then implement them!
    5.You actually can brand yourself as a leader and attract people that are just hungry to join your business!  <- called Attraction Marketing
    6.You do not have to remain in your local area!
    7.Among the finest pros is you meet compatible people to mastermind with and make friends for life

    The cons on utilizing the internet to sponsor people are…

    1.You will find there’s learning curve. And the majority of the strategies are long term related.
    2.You’ll need the ideal training system and mentor when learning the strategies you choose to take action with!

    You can learn tips on how to sponsor people making use of the internet part time so do not worry! Why pay attention to me anyway when learning how to sponsor people online? Well for starters I am a blues guitarist ( no surprise hey  ) When I started doing this I knew NOTHING and I mean NADA regarding how to set up a blog, social media marketing, and all that jazz! But I found a system that trains you on how to generate leads online and then sponsor people doing so! I have met many MLM Training mentors that helped me out and within 4 months, my business sky rocketed to the results I never imagined!

    If your really considering utilizing the internet to sponsor people then I say do it, nevertheless, you need to understand this.. You need to be consistent! It’s not a magical bullet designed to bring you the life of your dreams in a single day! But I can tell you this, if you have the drive and commitment then it will be a long term reward!

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  • Dealing With Setbacks In Your MLM Business

    Posted on December 8th, 2011 mike1174 No comments

    While you build your MLM business, you will definitely encounter times of frustration along the way. There may be individuals that say they wish to be present at your presentation, but don’t. There will be individuals that send you messages wanting additional information about your company, but then never respond to your calls or emails. There may be times your upline promises to help you with something, but instead drop the ball. Every now and then you will bring someone on to your team who shows great potential, but ends up being non-productive. These realities are shared by those who have been building a multilevel marketing business for any period of time. Knowing that disappointment is part of the business building process, it is vital that you handle these disappointments in a positive, constructive manner.

    When you run into a place of frustration in your business, among the best steps you can take is to take a quick inventory of your process. Examine your MLM business to ascertain if there are places of betterment that could eliminate or greatly diminish the repeated occurrence of the situation that brought about the unsatisfactory circumstance. For example, you may identify a need for faster follow up with your leads, so that they don’t become cold to your opportunity. Maybe you need to establish an organized system of communication with your MLM downline, so that your team remains informed of new developments in the business. Your appraisal may show the need for a more formalized system of team training to help eliminate non-productive team members. These are just a few examples where letdowns can be the catalyst that ultimately propels you to the next level.

    Frustrating issues are defining times in your MLM business. What you decide to do with those frustrations may be the difference between the growth or death of your business. Many people use their disappointments as an excuse for quitting, changing programs or going into a full state of retreat. A true business builder refuses to allow these things to become setbacks in their business. Instead they use disappointments as the fuel to go out and do more. The difference is mindset. A serious entrepreneur has already determined deep within, that they will not quit until they have reached their long range goal. A setback is merely an obstacle that they have to go over, go around or go through. Disappointment is never a justification to stop or retreat.

    The strength and courage to maneuver beyond the disappointments you will encounter in your MLM business begin with an internal commitment to always keep advancing.

  • MLM Ideas

    Posted on November 28th, 2011 mike1174 No comments

    The Best MLM Ideas

    There are acres of internet sites devoted to giving social marketers tons of fresh ideas. Problem is are any of these supposed “great ideas” actually any years are they worth spending the time and money you are going to require to put them into action? Has any person actually been successful using them? And will they bring you any extra money?

    For over 10 years I have dedicated all of my time and effort into building a profitable MLM business. To date my better half and I rank among the top 20 earners in our company and we’ve got a team of over eleven thousand distributors across the world. To be honest with you it truly wasn’t any specific “MLM idea” that got us to where we are today. It was the discovery of verified systems that did it, and having the ability to evaluate these systems before frittering away time on them.

    Let’s just call leads MLM systems “MLM ideas” here just for excitement.

    The Most Crucial MLM Idea is to Believe in Yourself

    If you can’t believe, way down inside, that you can become successful then you’re missing the most vital MLM idea that there is. It’s not about whether you can do it all on your own, the company you represent have to be in a position to get you to where you need to be. If you are not sure about the MLM promoting model, read every success story that you can find and also delve into the history of the industry. There are masses of success stories.

    Have a look at your company or the company you’re brooding about joining. It’s there basically any person in that company making the kind of money you’re expecting to make? If there isn’t anybody, then you actually can’t be confident about your own future.

    Believe that you can do anything you would like to do. I’m serious about this. Spend a while meditating and chatting to yourself and asking if this is what you want to do. You can forget all those bright MLM ideas. If you screwed up during the past, do yourself a favour and wipe the slate clean, regardless of whether you have made bad choices, fail to other businesses and given up on occasion. Whatever you have to do you are the engine that drives your business have faith in yourself!

    The Best MLM Ideas for Generating Leads

    5% of the people in the internet marketing industry are making substantial incomes. They doing this not because they were lucky and found one or two “secret MLM ideas” that work for them, what they accepted fundamentally was “working from home” essentially does mean working. I am serious about that.

    The only best MLM idea is not an idea in fact , it’s a system whereby you approach at least two new folks each day and introduce them to your opportunity, your products or services.

    MLM runs on sponsoring and recruiting. That isn’t an idea. It is true.

    Right from the first day you ought to be setting up another stoppable MLM lead creating system for your business and that is a system that may work tomorrow and in several years to come. Then you go out and show your downline team how to utilise the system to be successful too. MLM ideas could be great, but it’s leads in MLM that may make you made.

    Will MLM Ideas help me Promote Online?

    No, you don’t need ideas, you need a system to generate leads and you need to generate those leads online using the attraction promotional system. You can learn a lot more about that supposed “idea” by following this link.

    All the best,

    P.S. When you click here you will see more information and articles on many different MLM Ideas.